Disconnect to Reconnect

I remember reading this sentence before I became a Wayapa practitioner and thinking….WTF???

Rewarded to have a linear concept of time, and with a scant appreciation for all the nests we find ourselves within…it just didn’t make sense.

Fast forward a few years and we find ourselves globally to be in the Great Pause of Covid….a forced disconnection we are all navigating in different ways.

While Covid is doing some of the heavy lifting of disconnecting, or staying in the PJs all day (at least on the bottom) it is landing on us all differently. It is highlighting some beautiful ways of knowing, being and doing that inspire me as part of our species.

We live in special and sometimes challenging times (when is this not true!).

Our greatest opportunity during this Great Pause is to reflect and find the internal and external resources to recalibrate how we are in the world – our systems of knowing, being and doing are calling for a spring clean – we need to bounce forward, not back to our extractive, ego laden ways….what’s the future you’re imaging? Can’t wait to experience your contribution to our collective future.

Published by Alana Marsh

Crafting my existence, my reason for living with intention! Acknowledging we live in a unique time, with unprecedented opportunities. Honouring my link in the chain of humanity, knowing I'm only here for a short time....

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