Wayapa practitioner accreditation available in FNQ!

 Are you:

Interested in a practical way of increasing your own and other peoples connection to Country?

Wanting to live with greater intention, deepening your reciprocity with our collective mother; Mother Earth?

Aware that the elevation of Aboriginal Australia’s wisdoms and strengths is just what modernity needs?

Interested in joining a family of like minded souls, who provide personal and professional support without being ‘too much’?

Ready for a regenerative, financially abundant, nourishing and inspiring career?

Keen to reorient individual systems of knowing, being and doing, somatically, cerebrally, simply and profoundly, all contributing to individual wellbeing and planetary health?

Sounds like you should join us for a face to face Wayapa diploma!!

Open to all current and future Earth Stewards, regardless of cultural background, physical ability or other. Investment is $3,500 plus GST.

 Cairns: 17 March to 23 March 2021

Townsville: 25 March to 31 March 2021

Your trainers will be Marie Dennis and Alana Marsh. Email either of us for more information: reereesconsultancy@gmail.com or alana@alalouie.org

Marie is a Birra Gubba woman, who is also an independent consultant, Crystal Healing, Reiki, Boogie Bounce and Pilates Instructor.

Alana is a Meriam woman, who is also an independent consultant and regenerative practitioner.

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