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Regenerative Options

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Using proven dynamic frameworks, embodied practices and creating spaces to apply ancient wisdoms to challenges and priorities of your work.

Offerings include:

– Acknowledgement to Country Workshops
– Nest workshops
– Circle of Life workshops
– Regenerative workshops drawing on a suite of tools including the tetrad and other frameworks
– Wayapa Wuurrk

Alana Marsh
Regenerative System Re-setter

I established alalouie to contribute to living systems. Remembering and reorienting to the biorhythms that inform life, growth and change, along with nudging towards business or personal essence all nested within place or Country creates system actualisation. A dynamic, balanced state drawing on Knowing, Being and Doing. Systems that nourish, inform and evaluate more naturally- improving productivity, morale, staff retention, etc. Go slow to go, go, go!

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia yet am highly mobile! My lineage include Meriam, the most easterly islands in the Torres Strait, Papua New Guinea and Celtic.

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