Have had the pleasure of re-setting with many over the years.

Inaugural Oceania Biophilia Summit in Aotearoa (NZ). Adults living with various abilities in Melbourne. Those in their eighties, those in their fifth year on this planet!

You were brilliant yesterday at our symposium. Thank you!‘- Laura Hamilton-O’Hara, Australian CEO, Living Futures Institute

Alana Marsh:
Reliable, Present, Centred, Generous, Sharer of gifts, Listener, Truthteller, Narrative Creator, Joiner, Empower; Gud Pasin, Merriam, Family, Friend, Confidant, Believer, Future-focused; Connected to many worlds and Universes.

Alana captures the ideals of service so beautifully in her spontaneity. She is soft, tough, loving, light, clear and honest. I love seeing her work with people on their journey while joyously walking her own. Every time I leave her, I feel like I am a better, more authentic, version of myself.Professor Kerry Arabena, Managing Director Karabena Consulting

‘My experiences of working with Alana have been fantastic. She draws from a lot of different ways of Knowing, Being and Doing and I value her approach along with the time, space and energy we’ve shared.  She will bring out a regenerative framework, a grounding activity or a great idea for me to consider, adding much value to what we are doing.

Through her work at alalouie, I give my blessing for Alana to progress the Circle of Life that we worked on together for Yarra Ranges Council. It is a tool to elevate what gives me some of my wisdom and strength.

Importantly, it invites you to develop your own circle, so you can be deeper relationship with the living world and be stewarded somewhat by me and my ancestors.

I am excited to see what alalouie does next!’ Aunty Doreen Garvey-Wandin, Senior Wurundjeri Elder

We have been overwhelmed with positive feedback for you and the team from our recent conference in Darwin‘ – Josh Power, Lowitja Institute

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