Inner East Melbourne

I’m delighted to have just started the work on lifting a hub into reality within the Inner East of Melbourne.

I understand it as an intersectional piece, with lots of moving parts. A place for Aboriginal and potentially non-Aboriginal people to gather, maybe have access to services and program, definitely be immersed in cultural richness – education, healing and continued activation of the entrepreneurial greatness often unseen and definitely latent in the eyes of general society that is within Aboriginal ways of knowing, being and doing.

This wise, nourishing reciprocity with self, others and Country was prevalent on this continent prior to colonisation…so the potential is… back to the future!!

Going to be an interesting and energising process, tight timeframes and much to reveal….and fun to be had along the way.

Published by Alana Marsh

Crafting my existence, my reason for living with intention! Acknowledging we live in a unique time, with unprecedented opportunities. Honouring my link in the chain of humanity, knowing I'm only here for a short time....

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