Wayapa Wrap up from Burwood Brickworks

As Melbourne emerges from a restrictive bubble, so blessed to have shared Wayapa online with those with a connection to the Brickworks. It is totally natural we connected through a living, breathing building to be nourished by Country. We sank into the 14 elements of Wayapa and the beautiful interplay between them and other elementsContinue reading “Wayapa Wrap up from Burwood Brickworks”

Call out for potential Stall Holders for Inner East event

We are excitedly, steadily and …. amazingly working towards our Aboriginal community event in Ashburton on 23 April….. If you’d like to have a stall please complete, save and return this form by 7 April. We’ll let you know outcomes by 14 April. Excitement, steadiness and amaze-balls creates a beautiful energy for this whole undertaking,Continue reading “Call out for potential Stall Holders for Inner East event”

An alive, fit for purpose Aboriginal Hub in Inner East of Melbourne

I’m so damn excited to be progressing a vibrant, fit for purpose hub for Aboriginal people in the Inner East of Melbourne (Boroondara, Manningham, Monash and Whitehorse Local Government Areas). I have ‘not so secret’ aspirations for this to also be a place of nourishment, cultural immersion and reciprocity for non-Aboriginal Australians. We have soContinue reading “An alive, fit for purpose Aboriginal Hub in Inner East of Melbourne”

Inner East Melbourne

I’m delighted to have just started the work on lifting a hub into reality within the Inner East of Melbourne. I understand it as an intersectional piece, with lots of moving parts. A place for Aboriginal and potentially non-Aboriginal people to gather, maybe have access to services and program, definitely be immersed in cultural richnessContinue reading “Inner East Melbourne”

Thrive by Connecting to the Summer Solstice

This simple alternative to the advent calendar is about elevating our connection to natural cycles….starting with the primary enabling function/energy source and the ‘goldilocks’ bounty of our sun. I say ‘goldilocks’ as the energy and warmth from this fiery furnace travels the coldness of outer space for about 8 minutes and reaches us almost alwaysContinue reading “Thrive by Connecting to the Summer Solstice”

Being Nested in Country

It is such a powerful feeling, being snuggled in something that nourishes us….warm water, a good relationship, a desired vocation. Being nested in Country is next level! It allows for multiple waves of reciprocity with the ultimate teacher, pharmacy, guiding force, nourisher of stomach, heart, head and hands, provider of O2 and H2O (air andContinue reading “Being Nested in Country”

Sitting in abundance

I have many threads of abundance surrounding me. Exciting potentials, sometimes waiting on this, seeking more collaboration, or just limited with the available hours…. sometimes hurdles are an approval, a date on a linear calendar, an assurance from deep time……a reluctance to push when nice girls are told ‘wait your turn’…. I am getting moreContinue reading “Sitting in abundance”