Nest Building

Preparing for, building and reflecting on a nest is a powerful individual or group activity that has nourished, yielded insight and been an absolute delight for alalouie.

Building a nest, is inclusive of all generations. It also spans most physical abilities, literacy, situational and cultural differences, providing a universal prompt for recalibration that works for our whole species.

It provides a safe, energising activity to reveal strengths as well as opportunities and perceived weakness. It can facilitate connection to past patterns and what may need to be released or amplified. It works at the individual or collective level and really sings when bound by relational reciprocity and trust. The exciting potential of nest building is bound by the context in which it occurs and the people/s involved.

When activated at the individual level it offers a resource for reflection, release and reset. This leads to an intentional reanimation and redirection of energy within the body. It is also great for building consensus in group settings and fabulous for strengthening, implementing and evaluating the activity and function of a team or any configuration of humans. Whilst it has not been attempted online yet, individuals can work solo at their own pace. As sharing and weaving with intention is important to any nest, a connection at some point is recommended. This process is very pliable so talk to me! 

Published by Alana Marsh

Crafting my existence, my reason for living with intention! Acknowledging we live in a unique time, with unprecedented opportunities. Honouring my link in the chain of humanity, knowing I'm only here for a short time....

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