Being Nested in Country

It is such a powerful feeling, being snuggled in something that nourishes us….warm water, a good relationship, a desired vocation.

Being nested in Country is next level! It allows for multiple waves of reciprocity with the ultimate teacher, pharmacy, guiding force, nourisher of stomach, heart, head and hands, provider of O2 and H2O (air and water)….and so much more.

Slowing down to this heart beat of our collective Mother: the Earth has been one of the benefits of Covid. It is also a necessary step in becoming nested in the abundance, vitality, protection and joy of place….and gratitude for what this enables is an obvious energy that weaves amongst these things.

Expectations of neatness, knowing every detail or controlling just about anything is almost alien to this beautiful, messy intersectionality of the living system of place.

Trust is needed to exhale in this uncertain potential…….our contribution to the beauty and continued evolution of our species is nourishing self, in reciprocity with what we share time and space with. If we all did this, we wouldn’t be pondering the result of the speed in which we are creating climate change.

All the best as your navigate into your future…remember the abundance in which we live in, breathe and allow the beauty and messiness to unfold ❤

Thanks to my gorgeous friend, Cathy Austin for capturing this image unbeknown to me at the time.

Published by Alana Marsh

Crafting my existence, my reason for living with intention! Acknowledging we live in a unique time, with unprecedented opportunities. Honouring my link in the chain of humanity, knowing I'm only here for a short time....

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