Thrive by Connecting to the Summer Solstice

This simple alternative to the advent calendar is about elevating our connection to natural cycles….starting with the primary enabling function/energy source and the ‘goldilocks’ bounty of our sun.

I say ‘goldilocks’ as the energy and warmth from this fiery furnace travels the coldness of outer space for about 8 minutes and reaches us almost always at a perfect temperature for life as we know it; nourishing our food chains…providing light and seasons……..I personally love its warmth ….. and know Vitamin D is an essential ingredient for vitality.

The sun does so much! So when I feel that warmth I’m reminded our planet, ‘just right’ as it is for life, also has lots of energy streams and distortion on its surface that can suck me dry and parched like those rolling tumbleweeds in desert cinematography (often with a human source and then non-intentional passing on of someones else’s low vibration)……however that warmth from the sun reminds me we are nested in something much bigger and more magical than what one person or even one profession can understand… its a nourishing counter-balance I am grateful for.

You’re invited to contextualise to your nest – within the skin, under your roof or skyline, the neighbourhood or even our southern hemisphere….it intuitively makes more sense for me, than our misguided homage to snowflakes and reindeers at this time of year…..go forth and respectfully make new traditions, scoping up the goodness of previous traditions with love and care. Abundance, joy, gratitude and vitality to you and yours ❤

Published by Alana Marsh

Crafting my existence, my reason for living with intention! Acknowledging we live in a unique time, with unprecedented opportunities. Honouring my link in the chain of humanity, knowing I'm only here for a short time....

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